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sobota, 4 października 2008


Festival in its fifth edition aim at presentation of various links between traditionas forms of artistic expression such as: action-painting, body art, installations, contemporary dance. The presentations in 2005 - 2008 were made by artists from: Poland and Japan, France, Germany , Belarus, Holand, Sweden, United States.
In 2009 the festival is locate in Wroclaw. Festival will in the following venues: City Art Gallery, Entropia Gallery, Arka Theatre, Kalambur Theatre.The impact of performances generally is to bring new experience and to set free imagination and energy by looking at and participating in the performances.In performance art the inspiration comes from the widest cultural references. Performance breaks down the barriers – between conventiomel art forms, between political systems, between artists and their audience – and between human beings.It is our intention to present the achievements and popularize the knowledge of contemporary trends in the art of dance, performance art.This unique event presents completely new dance quality, opnens up to experiments.

Organizers of The Festival are City Art Gallery - Wroclaw

Director: Teresa Kukuła

Curator: Adam Kamiński – ARTATUT Association - Wroclaw

Coordinator: Anna Czajka